This Week #32

It’s been a long time since a wrote a weekly round up post so this is definitely a look back at longer than the last week, pretty much the last month. I took my own advice and took some time off, some time away from this blog that I love so much so I could fall back in love with it again. If I’m honest I’m not fully there yet but I have a little more time at the moment to do some writing so when I have a spare moment and when I feel like it I’ll get on with some writing about whatever subject I want to that day.

I hope I can get a little more on track over the coming month to set up a blogging schedule for myself again as I do miss writing on here as often but I don’t want to push myself to burn out again like I did before. A lot has happened in the past month or so, some great, some bad. I’ve spent a lot of time being ill and spending a good week or so bed bound due to the worst flu I’ve ever had which I really do think was caused due to stress and not enough rest. It opened my eyes and made me realise that I need to spend more time on myself and relaxing and learn to only do the things I can do.

There has been some good moments too though, I’ve been to a wedding, a housewarming and I’m in the midst of planning a meal and night out with my friend’s for my 25th which is coming up very soon! It’s all change for me at the moment but I’m hoping that brings with it some new adventures and some great discoveries.


Game of Thrones - Song of Ice and Fire - A Dance With Dragon Caitlin Moran Moranifesto Book Rose Prosecco Wedding Drink Wedding Photo

Currently Reading: A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin / The new book by Caitlin Moran has arrived and it is a great read! / Pre-wedding drinks to celebrate / Me and my boyfriend, who just so happened to be co-bestman.

Five happy things from the last month or so:

  1. Being a part of people’s big celebrations in their life and seeing some truly happy and wonderful moments.
  2. The end of one chapter being the beginning of another, I can only remain positive that I am on to bigger and better things.
  3. Spending a bit more time relaxing than I have done in a while, it’s perfect for getting reading or exercising done.
  4. Looking ahead to my 25th birthday in a couple of weeks, wondering where all the time has gone but also thinking back on the quarter of a century, the good times, the great friends, the places I’ve seen and planning ahead for more great things and new experiences.
  5. Getting to eat endless chocolate this weekend, I love you Easter!
  6. Starting on a new online course to brush up my skills and learn some new ones, it feels like an age since I really got to grips with learning something new and it’s given me the push to go out there and learn more for myself in whatever area I choose.
  7. Clearing out my possessions, to make extra money but also to make space. Realising you have too much stuff and then getting rid of it feels great, the perfect start to my spring cleaning ritual.
  8. Being only 1 episode away from finally finishing series 1 of Daredevil! I did not get more into the series as it went along just because I realised how very attractive the guy who plays Daredevil is at all, nope not me.
  9. Being old enough to now have ‘a drink’ and that drink always involving lots of nice gin.
  10. The Night Manager, a great adaptation of a John LeCarre novel has been played out on BBC1 recently and my love for Tom Hiddleston reaching insane levels. Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager, just wow!

What I’ve Been Listening To:

We Are Scientists – Buckle

In case you missed it, you can check out tracks of the week #137

What I’ve Been Reading:


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