EP Review: Hardactors – It’s My Life

Hardactors - Its My LifeHardactors

It’s My Life

Release Date: 25th March 2016

Hardactors is an indie pop solo project by UK singer/songwriter Joe Bailey. Bailey released his first EP online worldwide on 8th December 2014 and has spent the past few months building up to the release of follow up EP, ‘It’s My Life’, his tribute to Talk Talk. This latest EP may only be 3 tracks long but it is a very good tribute to the band he clearly admires and have inspired him so much over the years.

Fast, upbeat guitar strums open ‘Such A Shame’ and the EP giving us a feel good atmosphere from the very first chords. Synth notes and harmonious vocals join the fore making for a catchy track with a dramatic edge from the ambient sounds that run throughout this one. Choruses feature huge synth moments and big vocals that really grab your attention with an almost Euro-pop feel. It’s a great re-imagining of the original and sets us up wonderfully for the rest of the EP.

‘It’s My Life’ is probably Talk Talk’s most famous song, and let’s not forget No Doubt’s iconic cover of it, so it’s a big feat to take on such a memorable track but I think this is a decent attempt at it. Slowing the track down considerably to focus on flowing guitar notes and padded drum beats that back up soft vocals. Before tinkling keys and vocal harmonies are added for the choruses while echoey chords litter the track giving it a 80’s meets modern day edge.

Hollow, echoey vocals reverberate building up to the addition of a great piano line and crashing cymbals all creating a great opening to ‘Dum Dum Girl’. The first verse is steady with the lilting vocal flowing well alongside deep bass notes and a steady drum. Choruses are catchy with a fast vocal delivery matching guitar chords which create an uptempo feel, all while high pitched keys punctuate each lyric perfectly. It’s a great track to end on as it’s calmer, building moments make those huge choruses and rapid guitar riffs seem all the more mighty.

Check out the teaser video for the EP below:

To find out more about Hardactors visit the website, the Facebook page, the Soundcloud page or you can follow Hardactors on Twitter – @hardactors


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