tracks of the week #139

Sego – Stars

Both this track and the next were introduced to me by my boyfriend this week and both tracks made an instant impression due to their sheer quality. This was the first track he sent me and it really is a great one with it’s catchy hooks and impressive beats. Choppy chords and melodic notes run throughout this giving it a flowing yet always slightly stilted feel which works so well with the dreamy highs and monotone lows of the vocals. A really great track.

KuchiKopi – Moon Head

Another one of the tracks I was sent across this week and it is a stunning and utterly brilliant track. I’d go as far as to say it is one of my favourite tracks that I’ve heard all year! From ambient, dreamy undertones to infectious riffs and a euphoric feel good atmosphere, this is like all your sunshine pop meets beautiful indie moments brought together in one 3 minute track. Catchy lyrics command your attention and the consistant drum beat, deep bass line and shimmering, echoey guitar lines perfectly throughout. A perfect song for every day but will be a highlight of my summer playlist!


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