EP Review: Coast To Coast – Dwell

Coast To Coast Dwell EP ArtworkCoast To Coast


Release Date: 8th April 2016

Birmingham quartet Coast To Coast truly showcase their influences and eclectic musical styles throughout their debut EP ‘Dwell’. Though only four tracks long the band manage to set the balance perfectly between pop rock and pop punk. The band didn’t want to tie themselves down to one genre on this EP and they surely haven’t, it seems these great rock tracks will be the strong base on which to grow the band’s fanbase and sound further, only time will tell how much though.

We are thrown straight into proceedings with ‘Intro’ and it’s spiky guitar notes that command your attention from the off. There is an introduction of great melodies from flowing guitar lines, crashing cymbals and vocal rounds that seem to work perfectly with the chaotic nature of this opener.

With heavy hit drum beats and clashing cymbals, ‘Bloom’ starts as authoritatively as the last. A super fast drum rhythm and intermittent guitar strums that fade away to nothing, provide the yin and yang of tempo backing up the quick, urgent sounding vocal delivery here. While, choruses are much more melodic with intricate little guitar riffs, a swaying rhythm and gentler vocals which all add to the catchy, pop punk vibe of this one.

The longest track of the EP so far opens with a calmer, more chilled feel than ones that have gone before. The clatter of the cymbals echo around while guitar riffs dance wonderfully with their high notes on ‘Cornerstone’. The chorus is much more anthemic and sing along classic in the making, with its attention firmly on the emotional love story found in the lyrics, it’s nonetheless as catchy as the last too. This is a very strong track, well executed and bound to become a firm favourite of many, fan of the band or newcomer to their sound alike.

Acoustic guitar strums open proceedings on final track ‘Bunkbeds’ creating the calmest moments so far. The song about change and loneliness is a reflective ballad in the most obvious sense. The sparseness of music leaves the soaring notes and flowing harmonies of the vocals to take the fore so we don’t miss any part of this lyrical story. That is all until the final minute of the track when plucked guitar chords and a steady drum are added building up until the swift fade out to silence.

Check out the band’s video to ‘Bloom’, the single to be taken from the EP below:

To find out more about Coast To Coast visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @ThisIsC2C


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