Record Store Day at The Bath Hotel

As you are all aware by now, the Saturday just gone was Record Store Day. The day to celebrate not just vinyl but buying records in their physical format and appreciating music for what it is and how brilliant it is. As the exclusives were dropped at record stores all around the country with queues out the door for a chance at securing that prized vinyl, I spent the day in a much different yet nonetheless music appreciating day.

The Bath Hotel Beer Garden The Bath Hotel Record Store Day 2016

The Bath Hotel, my usual and favourite haunt in this lovely city of Sheffield, hosted a day aimed solely at showing appreciation for music in all forms. I did a little preview post of the day a couple of weeks ago but now I’m going to sum up the day from my perspective, as a punter, music lover and eventual social media manager for the pub for the day.

Beer Pumps The Bath Hotel Record Collector The Bath Hotel

I got to the pub before doors open to take some pictures for this blog and was immediately impressed with how this cosy little pub had been turned into a record store and live venue for the day. The back room (snug) was the record store pop up, working in collaboration with Record Collector, a great selection of vinyl had been handpicked for the day featuring some old school classics, awesome rarities and some of the latest vinyl albums. As soon as doors opened I went to have a peruse of the collection and left with a Nirvana live album and a good handful of singles from Fleetwood Mac to Tears for Fears.

Vinyl Albums The Bath Hotel Vinyl Singles The Bath Hotel

After getting my hands on some new vinyl, I then spent the rest of the day managing the social media for the pub and capturing some of the brilliant things that were going off throughout the day. Check out The Bath Hotel’s Instagram and Twitter pages to see more of the goings on from the day.

 Martin F Bedford Art Tom J Newell Martin F Bedford Art

So with the back room dedicated to the selling of vinyl and some awesome artwork by Martin F Bedford, the front room was home to the day’s live venue and the place to get your hands on the beer getting it’s first pour that day, Almasty Oyster and Seaweed Porter, which is brilliant if reviews from my boyfriend are to go by. During the day until 5:30pm, artist and DJ Tom J Newell took residence DJing a vinyl only set featuring a great mix of tracks, old and new from rock to pop, dance, soul and more. With pub being packed at half 3, it was an opportunity for many to have an early afternoon dance and really take in this celebration of music.

Almasty Oyster and Seaweed Porter Tom J Newell DJ The Bath Hotel

I left the pub just after 7 so unfortunately I missed the live music on offer that night but I caught the first couple of tracks from the opening artist of the night and with the pub still suitably busy, it was always going to be a great night of live music really finishing off their Record Store Day celebrations with a bang.

After such a successful day, I think it’s fair to say The Bath knows how to throw a great event. I’m hoping for the same again this time next year!

The Bath Hotel Record Collector Singles Vinyl The Bath Hotel


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