This Week #37

This week has been another busy one for me and in our house with lovely weekends, having the windows on our house replaced, interviews, Captain America: Civil War and the new series of Game of Thrones. Nabbing free Mac and Cheese from Bungalows and Bears on Saturday due to an order mix up was the start of a great week for me and heading out with one of my friends on Saturday night was lovely to spend some time catching up and enjoying myself with one of my best friends.

Monday night was Game of Thrones night and I was very excited for it to be back on our screens finally after 9 long months without it. In that time though I have managed to read 6 of the 7 GOT novels that have so far been published which is pretty good and gives me a good idea of the differences between book and TV that many have talked about. I think the first episode was a good set up episode for the rest of the series so I’m looking forward to see what is to come over the next 9 weeks.

Blog work, interviews and writing galore have taken up the rest of this week as well as catching every possible moment of the snooker that I could. It’s been a good and productive week so I’m happy with the outcome and I’m looking forward to a weekend of Captain America and my friend’s hen do, I’m just hoping the weather picks up for Saturday so we can all enjoy it without the threat of rain, sleet, snow, cold winds or whatever else this mental weather wants to throw at us this week.


Vegetarian Burger Bungalows and Bears Foals Record Store Day vinyl

Bean Stew and Wedges Vegetarian Pizza Express Vegetarian Pizza

Saturday’s equal burgers like this delicious veggie one with halloumi and sweet potato fries from Bungalows and Bears / My boyfriend was kind enough to go on a mission to Bear Tree Records for me last week and pick up the Foals Record Store Day vinyl for me / Bean Stew with Quorn Steak Strips and homemade Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges for tea earlier this week / Friday’s = Pizza from Pizza Express!

5 Happy Things from This Week:

  1. Awesome burgers at Bungalows and Bears on Saturday with the boyfriend and us managing to nab a free Mac and Cheese too due to a mix up with our bill!
  2. Meeting up with one of my friends on Saturday night, we went to the cinema to see Huntsman which is a pretty decent film and followed that up with a couple of drinks and a good old chat. Saturday evenings spent with my friends are awesome and it is something I definitely need to do more.
  3. Finally getting around to ordering myself some new glasses after weeks of needing to update my prescription. I’ve ordered myself two new and awesome pairs and have updated the lens in my sunglasses and I can’t wait to pick them up this weekend and finally have the glasses I really need.
  4. Finishing the book I’ve been reading, A Dance With Dragons Part 1 from the GOT series, this week after reading it for what seemed like a very long time. I enjoyed the novel though as I always do with GOT novels and I now have only one more to read before I’ve finished the series so far.
  5. On the GOT theme, the return of Game of Thrones this week was easily the highlight of my week. I’ve missed the show and I’m looking forward to this next season and seeing all the twists, turns and what direction they decide to go in differing from the novels.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

Check out my April 2016 playlist over on Spotify now, featuring some great new music and some awesome older tracks.

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #142

What I’ve Been Reading:


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