EP Review: Colour Me Wednesday – Anyone and Everyone

Colour Me WednesdayColour Me Wednesday EP

Anyone and Everyone

Release Date: 30th March 2016

Indie meets punk meets pop with London trio Colour Me Wednesday on their brand new EP ‘Anyone and Everyone’. After releasing their debut album ‘I Thought It Was This Morning’ back in 2013 and a 10 song split album with Spoonboy in 2014, the three girls are back with another great piece of work of their own. Having recently signed a record deal with French label KROD Records, it seems the band are more than set up for the release and hopeful success it will bring them.

We open with ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ and it’s shoegazey vibe brought about through atmospheric melodies and flowing chords that are prominent from the off. Great lyrics are delivered by quick, punchy vocals that manage to retain their sing-song affliction with ease. The crash of the cymbals and the fast guitar riff give this a punky edge which works so perfectly with the coming of age feel.

Rising and falling guitar notes and the rapid pound of the drum open ‘Two-fifty for you Girls’ capturing your attention immediately with their catchy nature. That catchy nature is something that remains prevalent throughout with awesome infectious melodies, tuneful and harmonious lyrics and a summery feel that is bound to put a smile on your face.

It’s another swift opening to ‘Horror Story’ as vocals and an immediately brilliant rhythm greet us from the very first second. Grungy guitar riffs and a steady rhythm see us through the first verse while those soaring vocal notes are on offer again delivering the storytelling lyrics perfectly. It’s a short track which evolves into a fast tempoed, catchy lyric and dance along modern day pop moment.

We finish with ‘In Your Shoes’ whose serene, echoey notes flow wonderfully around your ears creating a tranquil atmosphere immediately. The lyrics tell a sad and poignant tale through wonderfully lilting vocals while the choruses see odd, squeaky sounding synths changing the dynamic and feel, from calm to slightly on edge. Grand organ-like sounds and computerised notes are added making for a fast tempo driven and marginally chaotic final minute to this excellent four track EP.

Check out the EP taken from their Bandcamp page below:

To find out more about Colour Me Wednesday visit their Facebook page, their Tumblr blog or you can follow them on Twitter – @ColourMeWed


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