new music: Esper Scout

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Leeds rock quartet Esper Scout. The four piece have teamed up with Come Play With Me Records to put out the labels 3rd single outing in their 7″ singles series. You can check out the track for yourself below:

The track is a wonderfully building one from the off with plucked strings creating a rich and consistent rhythm to base everything else on. Echoing rock ‘n’ roll guitar riffs come in picking up the tempo and creating a dominant feel which matches the confident vocal delivery and the pounding drums perfectly. The lyrics are very strong with an important message and the authoritative delivery and strong music backing them up achieve what can only be described as a really great punk rock track.

The four girls who make up Esper Scout describe themselves as a rock band driven by empowering, characterful guitars and bass, passionate lyrical content and dynamic drums; something which is most definitely true when you listen to their great tracks. Writing and collaborating throughout their teenage years, Esper Scout was born in 2011 and they have spent their time since writing and releasing music through their own label Bomb the Twist as well as constantly gigging, including a slot supporting The Cribs on their UK tour.

Here’s what Sarah Statham of Esper Scout has to say about working with CPWM Records; “We’ve known about Come Play With Me since the announcement of the label’s first release last year. There’s such a sense of community in Leeds and an endearing, connecting underdog spirit, to which in ways we can really relate… CPWM understands this and want help how they can. That’s something we really respect and have been keen to work with. There’s a refreshing sense of honesty. You know through what they say and do that their excitement and investment in furthering emerging music is simmering at its core.”

The single is released through Come Play With Me Records on May 27th and the single launch show featuring both bands will take place at Brudnell Social Club on May 26th with special guests yet to be announced and is all made possible thanks to the kind support of the city’s cultural programme Leeds Inspired.

To find out more about Come Play With Me and their single series visit their website. To find out more about Esper Scout visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @esperscout

Image Credit: Jessie Leong Photography


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