EP Review: Best of Enemies – Sorry State

Best of EnemiesBest of Enemies Sorry State EP Cover

Sorry State

Release Date: 5th May 2016

London based four piece Best of Enemies have recently released their new EP ‘Sorry State’ after months of waiting. This new record sees the band step up a gear, becoming more mature in their songwriting approach, putting their personal struggles out there and proving themselves in the UK alt-rock scene. With influences from the likes of Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis, these guys have built on those influences to develop their own great sound full of huge choruses and even bigger melodies.

We come straight in with pounding drum beats and yo-yoing high pitched guitar notes on opener and title track ‘Sorry State’. As we arrive at the first verse, the tempo and volume is subdued slightly as guitars become timekeeping and chugging alongside steady vocals. The song flows well with great melodies and an unchanging rhythm really making up the solid backbone for vocal harmonies to sit upon with catchy choruses and good build up’s.

A much harsher opening changes the tone of the EP for ‘Way Of Life’ as bitter lyrics are delivered sharply, almost through gritted teeth at times. The very different vibe continues throughout the track as exasperated vocals tell a story of annoyance and frustration. Choruses are loud but drawn out giving maximum impact to the thud of the drum, the thrum of the bass and the riffs of the guitar. The angsty lyrics play perfectly against the hardcore sounds to create a brilliant modern day alt-rock song.

A moment of calm opens ‘Call To Arms’ as intricate guitar chords dance around each other creating a building melody which culminates in the arrival of thumping drum beats and fast riffs. Flowing guitar plucks weave their way around dulcet tones from the vocals and cymbal splashes. When the choruses come crashing in, they are huge; almost anthemic in their delivery becoming a sure favourite when played live with it’s passionate vocals and soaring notes mixed with frantic guitar playing.

A marching band style drum roll and fuzzy guitar sound bring us into closing track ‘Tired Eyes’ giving off a lilting feel and calmer atmosphere. The steady rhythms of the opening continue long into the track holding the whole thing together absolutely perfectly. The emotional lyrics are sung with tuneful deference and fragility making you really invest in the song from its great musicality to the story it is trying to tell. It’s a stunning and well executed ending to these utterly compelling four songs.

You can check out the video for the title track, ‘Sorry State’, below:

To find out more about Best of Enemies visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page or you can follow them on Twitter – @bestofenemiesuk


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