EP Review: As Daylight Fades – Love // Loss

As Daylight FadesAs Daylight Fades Artwork

Love // Loss

Release Date: 27th May 2016

Glasgow five piece As Daylight Fades are gearing up for the release of their new EP bluntly titled ‘Love // Loss’. Their metalcore influences which have seeped into their sound along with their great experience of relentless touring and a solid fanbase backing them up surely paves the way for what should be a standout release for the next chapter of this band’s career.

We crash straight in with chugging guitars, thumping drum beats and bloodcurdling screams on opening track ‘The Great Divide’. It’s a song that instantly packs a punch and is relentless in it’s execution through heavy, thudding sounds and its frantic delivery. The rapid guitar melodies of the chorus weave wonderfully through throaty lyrics, cymbal crashes and throbbing percussion giving us an infectious light tone to the deep, heavy shade.

Single ‘Novaturient’ is a long track at over 5 minutes long but at no point does it err into tedious, boring or over the top metal song. The screeching guitar notes zig zag their way around pounding drums, drawn out notes and deep bass chords; all of which contribute quite wonderfully to the chaotic nature the dominates the majority of this. However, the first verse is a calmer affair as guitar chords flow along against subdued yet still gruff vocals and cymbal splashes; that is before chugging riffs and huge drums come in again for the big, anthemic choruses.

Fast drum beats and booming bass notes demand your attention the moment that ‘Hopeless’ starts right up until it’s final chords. It’s a fast paced, heavy and turbulent song with no real let up at any point, except for the harmonious vocals which seem almost angelic especially when placed against the muffled, threatening screams from the rest of the vocal delivery.

Final track ‘Dreamweaver’ has a much quieter opening than the others as it builds slowly, with not just the guitar riffs increasing in volume but in intensity too. When everything crashes in, we are greeted with growling vocals and a slow, steady and sinister sounding drum beat, reverberating bass chords and elongated guitar strums. It’s a great modern metalcore track to end this EP on; the urgency and determination of the band’s playing, the mix of great melodies and heavy moments as well as harmonious vocals and rock tinged screams, it all makes for a very well accomplished and great piece of work.

Check out the video for the single, ‘Novaturient’, below:

To find out more about As Daylight Fades visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @WeAreADF


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