EP Review: The Autumn Ravine – The Intrinsic Evolution

The Autumn RavineThe Autumn Ravine EP

The Intrinsic Evolution

Release Date: 13th June 2016

Kent quartet The Autumn Ravine are gearing up for the upcoming release of their third EP ‘The Intrinsic Evolution’. After a great reaction to both their debut ‘The Garden of England’ and the follow up ‘A Little Sleep’, the band have worked very hard to create this, their new record due for release in June. Full of emotion, great songwriting and good musical talent, this release should hail a great new chapter for The Autumn Ravine to grow their fanbase and their name further.

Gently plucked yo-yoing guitar strings bring us into opening track ‘Cold Blooded’ and create a calm atmosphere from the off. Soaring vocal harmonies sit well alongside those tinkling chords building up to a chorus that really packs a punch. Littered with thumping drum beats, screeching guitar riffs and crashing cymbals, it is an uptempo and energetic chorus that remains packed full of great melodies and flowing harmonies from those great vocals. A brilliant opener to this EP.

It’s an abrupt and louder opening on ‘Nacissus’ with consistent drum and cymbal hits, alongside a great rising and falling guitar line. The fast tempo of the music is a great compliment to the quick delivery of vocals on this one. Choruses are huge with catchy melodies and a steady rhythm begging you to dance along to as you sing along to the great lyrics. A great pop punk feel to this track will see it sticking in the heads of many long after they hear it.

The rapid delivery of the vocals along with the fast, intricate riffs and pounding of the drums, make for a track that you are constantly trying to keep up with on ‘The Socratic Method’. Nevertheless it is a great track, again with infectious melodies and sing along vocals making up the majority of this shorter song and creating the best of the EP so far.

While ‘Epilogue’ is a calmer, more drawn out affair from the very first chords as lingering guitar strums, dancing plucked notes and the occasional drum hit flow almost serenely through the track. The vocals too are delivered with care, elongating every syllable and really showcasing their depth of sound, great use of harmony and sheer tunefulness so brilliantly here. You could describe this one as the band’s ballad but regardless it is a stunning number and one that is bound to resonate greatly live.

Final track ‘Saganism’ is a good juxtaposition from the last one with a slightly harsher yet still harmonious vocal sound dominating here from the off. Guitar notes reverberate around the choruses wonderfully with their high pitched echoey nature while cymbal splashes and a low, grounding bass line help to add some steadiness to this fast tempoed and tireless song. Leaving the guitar to fade out to silence is the only way this EP could end, finishing off well what is a compelling and admirable piece of work from this quartet.

You can check out the EP preview video for ‘The Intrinsic Evolution’ below:

To find out more about The Autumn Ravine visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @theautumnravine


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