new music: Your Favourite Enemies

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Canadian six piece Your Favourite Enemies who have recently released the video for their brand new single ‘1-2-3 (One Step Away)’. You can check out the video for yourself below:

The track is a slow builder from its quiet, serene openings of muted drum beats and elongated guitar strums. Harmonious and hushed vocals sit perfectly atop dramatic and brooding notes creating an almost sinister sounding atmosphere to this one. Guitar riffs quicken up to an apex of chugging riffs laced with melodies and pounding drum beats that support the crashing cymbals and richness of the vocal tones brilliantly. With such a frantic and drama-laden feel throughout this track, it really hooks you in and holds on tight to you as the song ebbs and flows through quieter, building parts and the huge, culminating moments making for a truly additive and stunning single.

Taking influences from the likes of Sonic Youth, Fugazi and My Bloody Valentine, this band’s unique sound brings together great characteristics from a range of musical backgrounds. Their new album, set to be released on June 17th, is entitled ‘Tokyo Sessions’ which is the deluxe edition of their 2015 album ‘Between Illness and Migration’.

This is their most personal and honest work to date coming from an intimate show they did in Tokyo a few months back where they performed ‘Between Illness and Migration’ in its entirity for the first time. That show gave them the opportunity to integrate new musical landscapes in the songs, along with different instruments, the ideal starting point for their new album.

After years of touring, great album releases attracting critical acclaim and a lot of brilliant ideas coming from this band; it seems the release of the new album and the next few months that follow will be interesting and exciting for them.

To find out more about Your Favourite Enemies visit their Facebook page.


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