This Week #41

This week has been a relaxing one for me even though some days I’ve been rushed of my feet busy. After a very busy Monday, I went to stay at my boyfriend’s parents with him as he was house and dogsitting for them for the week. It was a week that didn’t go fully as planned, with a couple of mishaps along the way but ultimately it was nice to chill out and have a bit more freedom to do whatever I wanted throughout the week.

I got plenty of blog work done and finally caught up with all my emails! I went on some lovely walks, enjoyed some delicious home cooked food and had a week’s worth of lie in’s! The only thing I missed was my morning workouts but apart from that I had a great week away from Sheffield and I think I’ve come back refreshed after shifting a huge amount of work from my to do list.

This weekend, I’m in Nottingham for my friend’s hen weekend and I’m looking forward to a celebratory night out followed by a spa day. The perfect cure after a busy and late night surely! Just spending time with my friends more than I get to normally is great for me so I’m looking forward to that and making some more awesome memories with my friends.


IMG_6686 IMG_6703

Pretty Bluebells on a walk around Clumber Park this week / The last of the countryside walks of the week before heading back to Sheffield and then on to Nottingham for a girly hen weekend

5 Happy Things from This Week:

  1. Catching up on my huge to do list for the blog and finally clearing out my inbox by checking out and answering all those emails!
  2. Getting the chance to lie in, be lazy, read, chill out, enjoy nature and the silence and go out for countryside walks this week by being away from Sheffield. I know Sheffield is a green city close to the countryside but sometimes the industrial nature of it can overwhelm everything else and at times I just need to get away from that. I successfully did that this week!
  3. Listening to more of 6music, the email submissions and Spotify this week than I have done in a while and discovering some great new music and rediscovering some old favourites again.
  4. Me and my boyfriend proving that we’re not all bad at this whole adulting malarky when we have to actually engage with it. We can cook some great meals, deal with an array of problems that seem to arise for us and look after ourselves for over a week without any accidents. A huge win for us this week I’d say! 🙂
  5. Having a great Friday with my boyfriend before coming back to Sheffield to unpack and swiftly repack for my trip to Nottingham this weekend. Having him treat me to some new clothes just because was also pretty lovely too! 🙂

What I’ve Been Listening To:

The Jam – Start!

Justin Timberlake – Can’t Stop The Feeling

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #146

What I’ve Been Reading:


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