EP Review: Pushing Daisies – Stay Sad

Pushing DaisiesPushing Daisies - Stay Sad EP

Stay Sad

Release Date: 10th March 2016

Bristol emo/grunge four piece Pushing Daisies have recently signed to Homebird Records and with this new stage in their musical career, comes the re-release of their latest EP ‘Stay Sad’. Originally released back in March, this six-track body of work is the quartet’s best and most well rounded EP to date and sets them in good stead for the rest of 2016 which will more than likely be filled with tour dates and building their already quite strong fan-base.

We open the EP with single ‘Hazel’ and immediately we are thrown into a world of chaos and noise as fuzzy, fast guitar lines and quick, pounding drums dominate your ears. When the vocals come in, they are quite whiney; drawn out, screaming in places and lethargic in their delivery from start to finish. It’s a very grungy, attitude-laden, in your face piece of music from the first chords to the last, really playing on that old school punk aesthetic that you don’t hear so much in 2016.

Carrying on in much the similar vein as the opener is ‘Morning Drive’, whose opening notes from hammered out drum beats to fast guitar riffs feature as much chaos as before. It’s when the verses truly kick in that things change and the calm sets in with more flowing deliveries from the thump of the drum to the sludgy bass line backing up the shouted vocals. There is much more melody on this one as choruses see you swaying along to harmonious vocals and slightly distorted guitar notes.

The attitude that features so heavily throughout the music is also a prevalent feature lyrically and that is no different on ‘B.R.I’ as sad and angry stories are delivered with emotion, deference and determination. While the music here is the calmest it has been here throughout the entire EP, with slow, lilting guitar lines, a steady drum and crashing cymbals adding a bit of drama.

While ‘Fine Line’ sees a return to the grungy nature and murky musical notes from the guitar strums to the bass line. Nevertheless, it is an addictive track with a catchy rhythm and great, squealing and intricate guitar riff sitting in there amongst the deep sounds and the frantic nature.

Ominous booming drums, obscured chugging guitars and howling guitar notes cutting through it all open up ‘Phil Collins Was There For Me More Than My Dad Ever Was’ with a powerful and commanding nature. It is that tone and feel that really stays prominent throughout making for a song full of anger and resentment, something which is even more present when the harsh, shouting vocals come in delivering their bitter and ruthless lyrics.

Closing track ‘Kintsugi’ is a long one that mixes fast and loud musical deliveries with elongated guitar chords and the ebb and flow of a softer vocal throughout the verses. The juxtapositions are littered throughout the song from the heavy opening to the calmer, more tranquil verses and the hectic, dominant choruses. Those choruses feature distant vocal screams delivered with emotion, the clatter of cymbals, a strong percussion element and a slight air of the prophetic with the high-pitched note sitting there steady throughout it all. A very good and saga-like ending to this 6 track EP.

Check out the video for the single ‘Hazel’ taken from the EP below:

To find out more about Pushing Daisies visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @PushingDaisies8


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