EP Review: Bleeker – Bleeker

BleekerBleeker EP Cover


Release Date: 25th March 2016

Toronto alt-rock quartet have recently released their debut self-titled EP featuring five great tracks guaranteed to capture the attention of many over the coming months. Having spent time building a good, solid fanbase through touring their native Canada, the band have waited until the best possible moment for them to release their first EP to hopefully capture plenty of attention worldwide.

We are brought into this EP with hand claps and high pitched, reverberating guitar chords creating an instant upbeat feel with ‘Highway’. Catchy melodies, sing along lyrics delivered with plenty of confidence and harmony, along with some great and infectious choruses, make for a well structured rock track with all the pop afflictions that make a song truly memorable. It is a brilliant opener to this EP, there really is no wonder this one was chosen to be a single.

It’s a much slower and more subdued opening to ‘Free’ with fuzzy, elongated guitar strums backing up hushed, attitude-laden vocals. When the song kicks in, we are met with fast drum beats, screeching guitar notes and a great, deep bass line, all of which again manages to produce a track packed full of melodies that will most definitely see you swaying along.

At the midpoint of the EP is ‘Erase You’, which juxtaposes lilting guitar lines and calmly delivered vocal harmonies with pounding drums, crashing cymbals, thumping bass notes and distorted guitar riffs, within choruses which are demanding of your attention. This short, rock and roll track builds to a huge ending with soaring vocals and a jagged musical delivery fading out into silence.

A calmer start to ‘I’m Not Laughing Now’ sees steady beats and quiet vocals create a good rhythm which flows perfectly through  percussion, vocals and weaving melodies. This a more mellow affair with an emphasis on great musicality and creating a feel good atmosphere. We carry on in much the same vein throughout, even though you feel like we are building to something; it is a lovely low-key moment on an EP full of energetic moments.

Closing track ‘Where’s Your Money’ opens with a rock and roll attitude as grungy guitar strums ring around the edges of attitude laden vocals. Choruses are fast, loud and gritty with huge riffs, thumping beats and booming bass all providing an excellent backdrop for a shrieking vocal which is full of sass, creating a true punk rock feeling of fearlessness. It is a strong final track and will stick with you long after you hear it, with its addictive hooks, uptempo vibe and pop meets rock sensibilities.

Check out the video for the single ‘Highway’ below:

To find out more about Bleeker visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @BleekerOfficial


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