new music: From Inside

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Liverpool alt-metal band From Inside who have recently formed and released their debut single ‘Find My Way’ on 25th April this year. You can check out the video for the release below:

The track builds almost ominously with ebbing and flowing echoey notes to reach the crescendo of pounding drums, crashing cymbals and chugging guitar riffs. The verses feature harmonious vocals, those ominous piano notes that bought us into this track and a tense atmosphere that again builds perfectly to the crescendo of the chorus. A chorus which is full of screaming vocals mixed with those harmonious, soaring vocals from before, the brutal hammering of the drums and the choatic clatter of cymbals. This is a brilliant alt-metal track and even more impressive as a band’s very first single, these guys will surely make a very good name for themselves of the UK alt scene with this one.

This North West quintet may only have been together for a short time but they have a great online presence and a sizeable fanbase which sets them up nicely for what is to come from them over the next few months. The single is taken from their first EP ‘The New Era’ which is set to be released this summer. Unfortunately, there are no live dates listed on their website yet but I’m sure that is something that will change given their upcoming release.

With such a new band showing so much promise already with a great single and their understanding of the internet to help them promote themselves, these guys are definitely ones to watch in 2016.

To find out more about From Inside visit their website or their Facebook page.


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