This Week #42

It’s been a mixed bag over the last couple of week’s really with one reflecting the terrible weather throughout the country and when the weather picked up so did my mood.

After spending all of the previous week with my boyfriend at his parents and having the freedom to work, relax and walk as much as I want, that put me in a very good mood for the weekend ahead spending time with my friends in Nottingham. Getting to Nottingham in the last afternoon, I got to the apartments where we were staying just in time to meet them. The apartments were beautiful, huge, well decorated and very central.

The weekend involved heading to a nice Italian for plenty of lovely food including an absolutely delicious pizza, cocktails, dancing the night away to 90’s classics, a surprisingly great sleep, a delicious veggie breakfast and the spa day. There we were treated to a chocolate fondue, a lovely lunch, prosecco and games a plenty to keep us occupied between treatments. I felt very relaxed and content after the weekend and came home feeling in the best mood I’ve been in for a long time.

This week has been a lot better than the last with some good, positive news and developments, giving myself more time to relax and do exactly what I want to do and finally seeing some of the stress of the past few months lift a little. Last weekend, me and my boyfriend went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park to see the KAWS exhibition there before it goes and I’m glad we both went as it is a brilliant exhibition. It was nice to get out in the countryside again, take in some art and enjoy the good weather with a nice walk around the grounds followed by a picnic. It’s been a busy and eventful week and I’m looking forward to a relaxing Friday night and a weekend full of getting stuff done, enjoying myself and seeing my friends on Saturday night for their Euros party. Have a great weekend everyone!


Gin Cocktail The Old House Sheffield Gin Smash Cocktail The Old House Sheffield

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Flowers Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Kaws Exhibition Yorkshire Sculpture Park Kaws Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park Kaws

A nice Bramble cocktail at The Old House to kickstart the weekend / Gin Smash at The Old House, delicious! / Day out with the boyfriend at Yorkshire Sculpture Park / Pretty flowers in the gardens of Yorkshire Sculpture Park / Kaws Exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

5 Happy Things from This Week

  1. Managing to complete my week’s target of blog posts to write, the majority of which I managed to complete in just one day! There is nothing more fulfilling for your week then having a productive one and meeting your own targets.
  2. The massage I had a couple of Sunday’s ago as part of the spa day we had on Sunday for my friend’s party. It was a very good massage and my back and shoulders have felt the best they’ve felt in a long time.
  3. Saturday night’s out with my friend’s dancing with 90’s classics and drinking cocktails, after stuffing our faces with too much pizza. The weekend was great, I had so much fun!
  4. Having some very good news this week that has been much needed has not only put a smile on my face but taken a lot of stress of my shoulders. Being able to plan for the future again after an unintended break is just so brilliant!
  5. Last weekend I managed to fit in lovely food, gorgeous cocktails, picnics, walks, Yorkshire Sculpture Park and time to relax. It was a great weekend, I’m looking forward to this one. 🙂

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Destiny’s Child – Independent Women

New Order – True Faith

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What I’ve Been Reading:


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