EP Review: Vista – Versus

[media-credit name=”Holly Turner” align=”alignright” width=”300″]Vista Versus EP Cover - Credit Holly Turner[/media-credit]



Release Date: 13th May 2016

After enjoying a decade long solo career, Hope Vista, combined forces with guitarist Brian Canfield and drummer Wolf Reiter to form anthem rock trio Vista. They may be a new name on the scene but they are already turning heads online and have drawn comparisons to the likes of PVRIS and Set It Off. ‘Versus’ is their debut EP which was released in May and comprises of 4 great, upbeat tracks guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Opening track ‘Mansions’ is a short one, coming in at just under 3 minutes long, as cosmic sounding keys yo-yo through the opening building up to the addition of the great, harmony-led vocals. The choruses are fast paced and pack a punch with crashing cymbals, the thump of the drums and a strong, commanding voice delivering lyrics full of emotion and angst. A catchy and solid first track that will see you drawn into this trio’s brilliant sound straight away.

Defiant vocals open up ‘The Departed’ alongside a steady, dominant drum beat and screeching guitar lines giving this one a more rock and roll feel from the off. Though the catchy element to their music remains here, with infectious melodies from the guitar hooks and a good rhythm emanating from the percussion side of things. That excellent rhythm is really highlighted in the last minute of the track as things slow, leaving just the beat of the drum and clash of the cymbal to sit against echoey, jagged vocals all before we fade out to silence.

That silence builds into ‘On The Brink’ who’s uptempo sounds from great beats and synthy electro notes create a dance pop atmosphere that remains throughout. Quieter verses focus on vocal harmonies but it’s the choruses and those shrieking guitar riffs where this one really shines. Those huge pop banger essentials, that opened this track, are mixed with a rock fuelled guitar riff and hammered out drums in the choruses creating something reminiscent of an addictive Euro-pop favourite.

We close this EP with ‘I Hope You Understand’ where the defiant tone to the vocals returns, as we make our way into this track with rising and falling electronics and intermittent piano chords. The chorus is another pop punk-esque success with rapid guitars and shouted gang vocals making their presence known and turning the song into an anthem in the making. This is another short track but again it is a brilliant showcase of the band’s great talent for writing an infectious hook and a very good song.

Check out the single ‘On The Brink’ below:

To find out more about Vista visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @ThisIsVISTA


  • Band Photo: Lauren Taylor
  • EP Cover: Holly Turner

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