new music: Face The Ocean

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Newcastle rock quartet Face The Ocean who have recently released their new single ‘Chase The Sun’ to pave the way for their new material and sound which is to come later this year.

With catchy guitar hooks from the off and layers of great melodies, this is one you’ll feel yourself tapping your foot along to from the off. Soft, lilting vocals sit well against the guitar lines complimenting their gentle simplicity wonderfully. The track ends on a high with soaring vocals, a constant thumping drum beat, quick building guitars and plenty of energy. Such a well rounded alt-rock track as this, is bound to go down a storm with live audiences, fans and new listeners alike making this one an obvious choice as the single to showcase their new sound.

The four piece’s new sound is something they hope will push them firmly in the spotlight and with Everybody Looks Famous’ Alexis Pretorius featuring on the single and Kerrang Radio, Amazing Radio and Scuzz TV picking up the single with plenty of airplay it seems like their hopes will be fulfilled.

Here’s what guitarist Daniel Rickman had to say about the new track; “Our new single is fast paced and more energetic… It feels more empowered, with guitars and drums driving the song forward while synths soar across the backdrop. Hopefully people will like what we are doing with the new sound.”

Inspired by the likes of Angels and Airwaves and Thirty Seconds To Mars, the band have a passion for music, other art forms and other media which they have included in their overall brand with photography, concept albums and story based videos all being very important to them.

To find out more about Face The Ocean visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @FaceTheOcean


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