This Week #43

This week has been a very busy one with seeing Wild Nothing in Leeds, events, work, holiday planning and more. After a lovely weekend, I have most definitely worked hard this week to achieve everything I’ve wanted to. Over the weekend, me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time relaxing and getting things sorted for later this week and we also managed to fit in a Euro’s party at the house of one of my friends to watch England play.

Monday and Tuesday were super busy days for me, I pretty much didn’t stop doing jobs, chores, shopping and blog writing in preparation for Wednesday. On Wednesday, I started my new job and after my first 3 days there I can tell you already that I love it. It’s a great company, full of lovely people and the job is perfect for me and I’m definitely ready to learn more and have the opportunity to really get my teeth stuck into the role. It’s a definite case of so far, so good and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few weeks and months will bring.

The horrible weather has not put a dampener on my week at all, after a great start to my job, England winning their match against Wales and somehow managing to win the Euro’s Last Man Standing competition which inspired it’s own hashtag #charlottestime. I also finally reached 100 likes on my blog’s Facebook page! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have finally reached that milestone, it really does mean so much to me and it really does show me that my extra effort SEO, social media and blog writing wise have paid off, not only bringing me more readers to this blog but growing my social media pages and giving me lots more amazing opportunities. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog, it really does mean the world to me!

This weekend, I’m planning on relaxing and getting ready for Copenhagen. Me and the boyfriend are off there in around 3 weeks now! I can’t wait to go back to Denmark and visit some more places in the awesome capital city.


vegan food homemade gin hallamshire house sheffield

vegetarian flatbread avocado feta homemade prosecco gin cocktail leeds

vegetarian burger belgrave leeds wild nothing belgrave leeds music

My attempt at a version of a Deliciously Ella vegan favourite – chilli sweet potato fries, tomato & beans, avocado and houmous / Celebrating with a gin at Hallamshire House / Lunch: Avocado, Feta and Quorn with Houmous Flatbreads / Celebrating good news with a Jasmine Fizz cocktail at Sandinista in Leeds / Delicious veggies burgers before seeing Wild Nothing at The Belgrave in Leeds / Wild Nothing at The Belgrave, Leeds

6 Happy Things from This Week

  1. Sunny week nights spent relaxing with a couple of nice beverages. That’s definitely not the case this week unfortunately. However, I did fit in one of those evenings in at the end of last week and it was lovely!
  2. Days spent making good progress through your to-do list whilst making time for yourself. Last weekend, I got to tick off many things from my to-do list, including things that had been on there for weeks. It honestly felt amazing!
  3. Spending the first week of the Euros watching the majority of every single match. I’m not a football fan in the slightest but there is something about tournaments like this that I really enjoy. I will gladly watch as much as possible over the coming weeks.
  4. Confirmation of good news and the beginning of a new chapter. Essentially, I finally have a job, after being made redundant at the end of February. It’s been a long slog to get here but my new job is great and the company is awesome! Finally, me and my boyfriend can start planning for our future again.
  5. I saw Wild Nothing in Leeds on Tuesday and it was absolutely amazing! From start to finish, the gig was wonderful and just so stunning to behold. The beautiful tracks and catchy melodies made for a set that kept hold of your attention throughout.
  6. Reaching 100 likes on Facebook! It may be small to some, but it’s a huge milestone for me and the blog and I’m so happy! Thanks so much everyone! 🙂

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Wild Nothing – Nocturne

In case you missed it, you can check out this week’s tracks of the week #149

What I’ve Been Reading:


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