new music: Tides From Nebula

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from instrumental post-rock quartet Tides from Nebula who hail from the Polish capital of Warsaw. The band released their latest album ‘Safehaven’ not long ago and taken from it is the single ‘The Lifter’.

The band have shared the video for the song quite recently, which you can check out below.

This single is the second to be taken from their new album which was released back in May this year. We start with yo-yoing chords floating their way through your ears as we build further and further into this one. It’s a calm and gentle beginning which soon gives way to deep, bassy beats and screechingly high-pitched notes which seems to add tension and drama here. It is a stunning track which flows from note to note wonderfully through gorgeous melodies and great rhythms that hold this track together so well whether it is a faster, more rock fuelled moment or a sparse moment of tranquility with minimal music.

With a huge fanbase online and an extensive backcatalogue, Tides from Nebula are already a well know name in their genre. Tracks such as this one will surely see them capturing the attention of audiences far and wide with their wonderful sound. At the moment, there are only a couple of tour dates coming up in November in Poland but its still worth keeping an eye on their social pages for any more shows to be announced and to see what comes next from their camp.

To find out more about Tides From Nebula visit their website, their Bandcamp, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @tfnsong

Image Credit: Jorg Varga


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