EP Review: Safe Side – Blossom

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Safe Side


Release Date: 15th July 2016

Essex based five piece Safe Side look at all their music with the question “would we listen to this ourselves if we weren’t in the band?”, and it is a way of looking at things which seems to have served this band well over the beginnings of their music career. The quintet’s sophomore EP ‘Blossom’ is debut for release on 15th July, and sees the pop punk roots of the band blending with elements of alt-rock for a new take on their sound.

We open proceedings with ‘Wilt’ whose flowing guitar chords and clattering cymbals bring you perfectly through to the first verse with its chugging guitars, pounding drum beats and a quick vocal delivery which is spoken rather than sung. As we progress further and further through this one, the pop punk afflictions become more evident as guitar hooks, nonchalant vocals and a fast and loud feel runs throughout. Choruses are full of good rhythms which will see you dancing and swaying along to this track that pretty much has modern day teen pop punk anthem written all over it.

We jump straight into ‘In My Place’ through jagged guitar riffs with intermittent drum beats placed in the milliseconds between each chord strum. It’s a much more commanding opening than the last track, showcasing the punk rock side of this band a lot more here. It takes the speed and forcefulness of the last track’s verses and choruses and intensifies everything to create a rock fuelled song with a strong lyrical message.

A much calmer and more relaxed affair can be found in the opening chords of ‘Framework’ as rolling drum beats and brief guitar strums, which are left to fade out, ring in this penultimate track. The subdued is soon discarded with as rapid percussion and shrill guitar lines ebb and flow around the hasty vocal delivery, lacking harmony in places due to its abrupt nature. Choruses, however, are packed full of great rhythms and catchy melodies, taking this track from just good to very good and bound to secure the recognition of many.

Final track ‘Resolve’ kicks straight in with a softer rising and falling guitar line sat underneath a quick, fuzzy chugging guitar and strong, swift vocals. It’s another pop punk influenced one with its in your face delivery from the music and lyrics, but the quieter moments and flowing melodies littered within calm the frantic nature to become a much more accomplished track than it otherwise would have been. As we get into the second half, this becomes a song which is well put together becoming an excellent one in its own right but also a great choice for this EP to end on.

Check out the video for the single ‘In My Place’ below:

To find out more about Safe Side visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp or you can follow them on Twitter – @safesideband


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