A Quick Note from Me

FAO: my readers, PR’s and anyone that may be contacting me over the next month or two.

This week I am going on holiday to Copenhagen so I will not be replying any emails after Wednesday.

Due to starting a new job, summer events commitments and my impending holiday, I may be a little slow replying to emails.

I am also taking a little break over the next week or so due to a back injury which has left me in severe agony and placed me on very strong painkillers.

During the next month or so, I will be replying to emails and continuing to blog. However, this will be on an as and when basis according to my schedule and the progress I make physically over the coming weeks.

I love this blog and will continue to work on it and work with you. But things may take a little more time for production than I would normally like. I hope during this time you will continue to read my blog and/or work with me as I am extremely thankful for your readership, continued working relationships and communication with you all.

I’m hoping I make a speedy recovery but right now, as I’m sure you’ll understand, my health must come before this blog. I need to get myself back to work and back in some kind of routine and hopefully that is something I can do quickly.

Feel free to still get in contact with me over this time, I’d love to receive your comments, press releases and submissions to the normal email address: lottie7785@gmail.com

Have a great summer everyone!

Lottie! 🙂 x


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