new music: Schemata Theory

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Reading metal quintet Schemata Theory. They are gearing up to release their next EP and have recently released their new single ‘Horror Show’, which you can check out below.

The single opens gently as lilting chords and atmospheric melodies bring us into the fore. The soft vocals and fragile sounds give way to become a full on rock meets metal monster. The drums pound around your ears alongside a steady bass line and chugging guitars that build and squeal in equal measure. The distant, spoken vocal style of the verses has no place in the heavy choruses which feature soaring, melodic vocal harmonies and harsh screaming. It’s a great track that reminds me slightly of old school Enter Shikari but better and delivered with passion and deference. Such a good track should see these guys far and I’m certain it will.

It’s been nearly two years since there was a new release from Schemata Theory but they are back and they are bringing with them some great tunes. Their next release will be a mini EP entitled ‘Networks’ and will feature the track above. It is a track that has gained plaudits from many after being featured on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio as well as featuring in Metal Hammer magazine.

Guitarist Huw Roch had this to say about the new release; “The music is now written by different people and is therefore a slightly different flavour to that of the older Schemata Theory releases. The music is less technically minded and is more focused around the vocals/overall feel of the song… We didn’t want to rush this process but now we feel the time is right for to us to say we’re back in the game!” 

The new three track EP is out now and was recorded by Sikth’s Justin Hill. The band hope this new release will show everyone they are well and truly back and I’m pretty sure that is exactly what it will do for them.

To find out more about Schemata Theory visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @SchemataTheory


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