new music: Terraform

Today, I have some new music from Birmingham progressive metal quintet Terraform who have recently released their new EP ‘Adrift’. You can check out the video for the single ‘Atonement’, taken from the EP, below.

The single is a full on, brutal attack on the senses from the get go with pounding drums, screaming vocals and plenty of energy. The guitars are chugging, screeching, electric and commanding throughout with their brilliant and very prog-influenced riffs. It is quite a massive song and in that respect, everything you would expect a prog-metal track to be. The build up’s and the drops are intense and wonderful to behold and you can really hear the musical skill throughout this one. It is a great epic of a song and a true standout for the band guaranteed to turn many heads.

The new EP was self released by the band on 15th July and it has been described as taking the listener on a journey. Harking back to the more progressive side of their sound, the EP focuses on finding home again in a world that has become uninhabitable.

The band have already had some great reactions and successes with the singles they have been releasing of late. ‘Atonement’ was featured on Amazing Radio and BBC Radio Birmingham, the video for their single ‘Paradox’ gained over 200,000 views and their latest single ‘Birth’ features on a Metal Hammer compilation CD. All impressive and exciting stuff that points towards more great things to come for these guys.

Here’s what guitarist Joey Powell had to say about the band’s sound on their new EP; “We have a lot of the similar attributes to that of many progressive metal bands… However, we focus more on the clean vocals, using more catchy melodies whilst still keeping to our roots. Listeners can expect to hear a new sound from Terraform, still within our bracket, but we focus far less on aggressive vocals in this EP, retaining many of our original influences but bringing in new and exciting aspects.”

To find out more about Terraform visit their Soundcloud page, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @TERRAFORM_UK


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