new music: Natives

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from New Forest tribal pop quartet Natives. They have recentled released the video for their new single ‘Stop The Rain’ which you can check out below.

The single is building and almost euphoric from its opening moments and when it all crashes in it becomes an indie pop wonder. Full of slightly tribal beats alongside atmospheric notes and distant sounding, breathy vocals, all of which creates a wonderful vibe. It’s fast paced and full of brilliant musicality throughout making it one of those track guaranteed to capture people’s attention. The infectious sounds and sing slong vocals of the choruses will have you hooked, all while verses maintain their air of calm and worldly influences. A really great single, no wonder this has received such great reviews so far!

The video was premiered on The Independent’s website and clocked up 30,000 views in one day! The publication themselves described the track as; “a slice of euphoric pop” and that it most definitely is. As guitarist Jack Fairbrother from the band explains, the track is all about positivity; “There’s a lot of negativity and xenophobia in the world at the moment so it feels like the perfect time to share a positive story about mixing with other cultures.”

The video was filmed on Natives’ recent trip to Morocco, taking in some of the beautiful sights of their trip there. It is a trip that has proved to be hugely influential on the band’s upcoming second album. Fairbrother goes into more detail about the influence the country had on them; “Our love for percussion led us to Morocco, a Muslim country where the Arabic East meets sub-Saharan Africa. We instantly fell in love with the rhythm of the place, from the main squares to the mountains, everything had a beat… It was a life-changing experience for us and completely reinforced our outlook on community, culture and the world. We hope you enjoy ‘Stop The Rain’ as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

After released a critically acclaimed debut album ‘Indoor War’ back in 2014 and claiming themselves a sizeable fan base, the band took their time with a follow up. The first single ‘Chasing Lions’ was released back in March but it is this recent one that has really kicked things off again for the band. Both singles are taken from the forthcoming 20 track concept album which will be accompanied by a novel to further the story of the album.

It’s going to be an exciting and interesting time for the band over the next few months. One thing is for sure, there next album is an impressive feat at 20 tracks, it’ll be an insightful listen I imagine.

To find out more about Natives visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @follownatives


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