This Week #45 – July

July has been a jam-packed month and as a result, I’ve had no time to update on the blog. I knew things would be difficult with starting my job but finding time to blog has been hard. With a holiday, weekend away, anniversary, birthday, wedding and more this month, it really has been non-stop.

Although, I have enjoyed every single minute of July. It’s been a fun and wonderful month all in all. It started with my boyfriend’s birthday and the nice, quiet celebrations so that. A few days later, we were off to Copenhagen. It was a lovely break, just what we both needed I think.

The weather was lovely, we walked loads and had the perfect chance to relax. I’d been to Copenhagen once before but this time I discovered a hell of a lot more of it. We came back to my second month at work, a family wedding and then our two year anniversary.

These past two years have gone incredibly fast! There has been many up’s and down’s over the last two years, but I wouldn’t change our relationship for the world. We celebrated our anniversary with a weekend away to North Yorkshire, which was lovely and a great way to finish such a busy, great month!


Gin Copenhagen  Copenhagen Bridges

Nyhavn Copenhagen Mixtape Couture  Mikkeller Beer Copenhagen

Mad Kaffe Brunch Copenhagen  Copenhagen Christanhavn

Our apartment Copenhagen  Whitby Abbey

On the gin in Copenhagen / Walking the pretty Copenhagen streets and bridges / The beautiful Nyhavn in Copenhagen / Visited the Mikkeller Bar in Copenhagen and had some lovely beer / Breakfast at Mad Kaffe in Copenhagen, it was delicious / Christianhavn in Copenhagen / Our apartment for the weekend in Copenhagen / The Abbey in Whitby from our trip there at the end of July.

5 Happy Things from the Last Month

  1. Our holiday to Copenhagen! It was amazing to visit there again and I loved it just as much this time round, if not more so. The place is beautiful, there is so many great bars, such good food and everything was perfect! It was just the break me and my boyfriend needed and I want to go back!
  2. Settling into my job so much more now! I’m starting to feel like a part of the furniture which is good. So far, there has only been good things for me there and I hope this is something that continues throughout my entire employment there. I don’t want to jinx it but I’m really happy in this role right now.
  3. Me and my boyfriend reached our 2 year anniversary this month! I’m not quite sure how it has been two years already but it is. It’s been an interesting two years to say the least. I’m hoping over the next year of our relationship, we finally get to buy a house for ourselves. That’s the plan anyway.
  4. It was my boyfriend’s birthday at the beginning of the month and we celebrated with a meal out to Graze Inn in Sheffield. It was a lovely meal and a lovely evening followed by a couple of drinks in Portland House on Ecclesall Road. I think he had a great day and that is all that matters really.
  5. Spending the entire month being absolutely busy from start to finish. Work in the week, weddings and birthdays and more on weekends, as well as a holiday and a weekend away. July was a great month and I hope August will be exactly the same.

What I’ve Been Listening To:

Foals – What Went Down

What I’ve Been Reading:



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