new music: Jake Turnbull

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from singer/songwriter Jake Turnbull who hails from the North East. Currently residing in London, this artist has recently released his second single ‘Do Anything’.

This single is a gentle one from the off with lilting vocals and drawn out guitar strums. It is a beautiful song in its simplicity. As Turnbull is playing with harmonies and melodies throughout creating something quite wonderful to listen to. It is a well-accomplished track in its delivery and the way it is put together. The choruses hook you in with their swaying guitar lines and sing along notes. This is a great modern day love song with lyrics so many people can relate to delivered with passion and emotion a plenty.

After graduating university in Sheffield in 2014, Turnbull moved down to London. He has spent the past two years working on his music and earlier this year, he released his debt single ‘One More Day’. It was a track that gained a lot of traction online featuring on many music blogs. It was also picked up by BBC Introducing and stations across Europe and America.

Released on 22nd July, this single marks the next step in Turnbull’s musical journey. It seems like it will be an exciting musical journey too, if reactions so far are anything to go by.

This guy is definitely one to check out and if he is playing in your area over the next few months, make sure you get down to one of his shows.

To find out more about Jake Turnbull visit his website, his Soundcloud page, his Facebook page or you can follow him on Twitter – JakeThomasT 


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