new music: Gresham

Today, some new music from Australian artist Gresham with his new single ‘Small Voices’. You can check out the video for this track below.

The single features great beats which create wonderful rhythms just made to get stuck in your head and see you tapping your feet along to. Vocally, we have harmonies weaving their way throughout these rhythms which keep perfect time and synthy, atmospheric melodies. Those vocals feature a slight rough edge to the harmonies creating something not entirely clean and perfect which just adds to the addictiveness of this. It is a great single that will resonate with so many with its storytelling lyrics and euphoric build ups.

This Australian singer/songwriter, Matt Gresham, made his UK debut earlier this summer with the release of the above single via his own label Trigger Records. When the track was released in his native Australia earlier this year, the track debuted at Number 15 in Spotify’s AU Viral Chart.

Matt had this to say about this track; “Small Voices is a song that speaks straight to my soul… It means a lot of things but basically it reflects how we all trap ourselves in prisons. Whether it’s literal or psychologically.”

Back in 2013, Matt featured on Australian X Factor before quitting to pursue the independent route for his music. He built up a loyal fan base and gained praise from critics, including The Rolling Stone, to become one of the most exciting acts in Australia currently.

After great success with his singles, a sell out live tour in Australia and great sets at SXSW this year, Gresham is now setting his sights firmly on Europe. He’s relocated to Germany, has just released this single and there is the promise of UK shows later this year. It’s an exciting time in the Gresham camp right now that is for sure.

To find out more about Gresham visit his website, his Facebook page, his Soundcloud page or you can follow him on Twitter – @mattgreshamm


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