new music: Cove

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Kent alt-hardcore five piece Cove. They have recently released their new single ‘An Honour’ and you can check it out for yourself below.

The single is an atmospheric one from the very first chords as guitar strums echo around your eyes with their slightly fuzzy sound. We build up into the first verse which is an all guns blazing, punch you in the face wall of noise. Blood-curdling screams are brutal and insistent in their delivery over the top of pounding drums, crashing cymbals, deep throbbing bass lines and screeching guitar notes. It is a huge alt-hardcore meets metal track that showcases some real talent from these guys in the delivery of the notes and confidence with which the track is delivered. Wonderful!

This new single hails from the band’s upcoming debut album which features heavily post-metalcore sounds and influences from bands such as Architects and While She Sleeps. It’s a mini album, featuring only 7 tracks, but it certainly packs a punch that will make it a memorable listen.

Here’s what vocalist Sam King had to say about the inspiration behind the new album; “We felt like this summed up how each of us in the band had felt at one time for different situations – whether it be in our personal lives, work live or band lives – and that felt like something a lot of other people could relate to. It is about not necessarily knowing the outcome of a decision, but having the guts to make it and see it through regardless; the beauty of risk taking.”

These guys focus a lot of energy on huge riffs, wonderful melodies, pounding rhythms and great lyrics that cover subjects from feeling lost and alone to fulfilling their creative desire. It is surely a combination that is set to see these guys succeed in drawing many people to their cause and becoming a bigger name on the UK alt-music scene.

To find out more about Cove visit their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @WEARECOVE


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