new music: Beth Keeping

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from London singer/songwriter Beth Keeping. You can check out the video for her debut single ‘No Hard Feelings’ below:

We open with ethereal, echoey sounds that make way for great yet gentle melodies and wonderfully harmonious vocals. There is some clear soul and rhythm to be found within those vocals that dance their way around the track with their lovely lilt. Beats build through calm verses to fast, rhythmical choruses that will see you tapping your feet along to. It’s a short but catchy single that is bound to get stuck in your head with its well executed harmonies and catchy nature.

Beth’s music is influenced by pop and R’n’B sounds and honest country lyrics. This is something you can hear in her first single which focuses on embracing who you are when people criticise you. The video above showcases people telling their own stories of when this has happened to them.

She started out her music career busking on the streets of London and has since gone on to start her own professional music career. Last year, she was writing with big name music stars before developing repetitive strain injury that stopped her from performing for over 8 months.

While she was recovering, it made Beth change her approach to her songwriting, beginning to create music that inspired people by speaking honestly about her life. She’s now back with this new single which was released earlier this year and it will be interesting to see what is to come from Beth in the months to come.

To find out more about Beth Keeping visit her website, her Facebook page, her Soundcloud page or you can follow her on Twitter – @BethKeeping

Photo Credit: Sophie Greenidge


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