new music: Plastic Mermaids

Today, I’m bringing you some new music from Isle of Wight quintet Plastic Mermaids who have recently released their third EP ‘Everything is Yellow and Yellow is my Least Favourite Colour’. Check out their video for the single ‘Paris Milkshake’ from the EP below:

The video is taken from a filmed session produced by the band in a church in Ventnor, Isle of Wight. The track itself is an utterly beautiful and serene joy to listen to; from the rising and falling piano chords which tinkle beautifully behind vocals which portray a wonderful amount of emotion through their slightly gritty edge. Gorgeous, elongated strings sit in complete juxtaposition to hard hit drums and a quick guitar line that is almost dramatic in its delivery. This is an absolutely beautiful track which takes you on a journey laced with emotion.

The EP and single have been shortly followed by a UK tour which they are currently on now and has seen them play Manchester, Leeds and London so far. They are set to Bristol, Cardiff and Brighton over the coming weeks so visit their website for tickets and more details on those shows.

Describing themselves as psych-meddling, synth building sons sums up just how much experimenting they do with their music. This is most evident with that new EP, the third in a triology of EP’s self produced by the band. Earlier this summer, the band returned home from a triumphant homecoming at Rhythm Tree Festival before heading out to other festivals and finally this UK headline tour they are on now.

Bassist Tom Farron had this to say about the band’s touring and new EP; “We try to be very dynamic if we can get away with it, take you on a journey, at times it’s been just instrumental cello and piano, and other times we aim for well executed chaos: with choir, string section, homemade synthesisers, projections, light show, Patricia the mirror ball mannequin plus the full band and 2 drummers.” 

It’s been a busy year for this band so far that is for sure and with three EP’s behind them and a supportive fan base it seems like the five piece will end the year on a high. Here’s hoping that 2017 will be just as successful for these guys!

To find out more about Plastic Mermaids visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @plasticmermaids


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