new music: The Harry Macintosh Project

Today, I have some new music from alternative, experimental punk rock band, The Harry Macintosh Project. The band self-released their latest EP ‘T.H.M.P’ in October.

It is a great EP full of atmosphere and well executed musicianship with an edge which can be full of malice and determination. Regularly switching up from drama laden, dank sounding slow tracks to fast, pounding choatic marathons of songs, it really showcases the band’s talents and skills as well as their different influences. It is a heavy and rock fuelled EP with that punk attitude that gives it an air of nonchalence that regardless what you think these guys know they produce good music which many will love and resonate with.

Over the past six years, the band have released three EP’s, a full length album and they have toured the UK extensively, all the while building up their fan base from scratch and through hard work and dedication to the band and their music. With influences from the likes of Ocean Size, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and At The Drive In, these guys know how to take their loves and use that within their own different style.

The latest EP was produced by up and coming producer Joseph Lawrence and shows the band’s progression and growth musically to date. With so much passion for their band and the amount of hard work they have put into making their career work, I hope the band do well out of this latest release.

To find out more about The Harry Macintosh Project visit their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @HARRYMACPROJECT

Check out the video for their single ‘Mouldy Water’ below:



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