Home ownership: one month in

View of sunrise over houses

It’s been over a month since me and my boyfriend moved into our first home and it has been many things from great to stressful. Long, busy weekdays and weekends packed full of working on the house in one way or another means that I’ve had no time to blog about music, culture or the house buying process. This is most definitely something I plan to change over the coming weeks as I finally pick up a routine after becoming a lot more settled here.

After over a month in this house already, I feel like we have settled into a routine and we’ve both joined the gym to get fit and healthy after the last few months of stress, lack of exercise and terrible diet. Now that we are both back on track, I think we are learning to enjoy the house more and we’re starting to feel more like our old selves.

Although much doesn’t need doing to this house, there are still areas for improvement and we want to work with the house and its age to create something that is truly our own but that also respects the house. The list of things we want to do is growing slightly but that is because we keep noticing areas that could be improved, sometimes dramatically and sometimes only a little bit.

From clearing out the cellar, damp proofing it and turning it into a useable storage area to creating a cute little reading nook that my boyfriend’s nephews and niece can use when they come to visit in an alcove in the eves of our attic. There’s plenty to do here and I’m sure there always will be but I’m also sure that we will be very happy here, the signs are promising so far.

Things I’ve done this month:

  • Started back at netball
  • Joined the gym and already been three times in the week since I signed up
  • Picked up some nice pieces of furniture and home decor items to start to piece some of the rooms together
  • Chosen colour schemes for a couple of the rooms
  • Sorted out the spare room and made it into a nice space
  • Tidied and organised the attic and the many boxes currently housed up there

Over the next few weeks, I plan on writing all the pieces I’ve been wanting to write over the last month or so but have not had the time. From house buying to home updates, food reviews and Sheffield culture, there is plenty for me to write about and I can’t wait to get this blog back on track again finally!


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