Music: My top 5 of 2017

2017 may be over but it really was a great year for music. As I didn’t write about music at all last year, I thought it was only right that I put together my top 5 bands/artists of 2017 as well as sharing my 2017 playlist with you. All of these bands released new music in 2017 and it was their tracks that I had on repeat throughout the year from poppy tunes to classic and melanchonic harmonies, they created the soundtrack to the last 12 months for me.

Everything Everything

Everything Everything’s latest album, ‘A Fever Dream’, released last year turned out to be just as brilliant as the last two albums that came before. Their lead single ‘Can’t Do’ was my anthem of the year with its super catchy hooks and dance beats. With such a solid back catalogue behind them now, the band really do excel live and have become a great export from the UK indie scene.

Arcade Fire

One of my favourite albums of last year came from Arcade Fire with the brilliant ‘Everything Now’. The poppy, euphoric 80’s sound of lead single ‘Everything Now’ instantly drew me to this latest release from the Canadian band. Arcade Fire are one of the best bands around currently and what I would give to be able to see them live. Their sound, music and outlook all help to make these guys one of my favourites, not just of 2017, but of all time.

The Horrors

Another favourite album from 2017 was the beautiful ‘V’ from The Horrors. Over the past five years or so, The Horrors have grown into a band which have an interesting and ethereal sound which has become classic yet innovative all at the same time. They are one of the most impressive and compelling bands in the UK at the moment with their sound which draws you in and sees you hooked on its grandeur. A truly great album from a truly great band.

The War on Drugs

The War of Drugs are one of my all time favourite bands and their 2014 album ‘Lost in the Dream’ is a magnificent piece of work in its complexity and raw emotion. After playing that album to death, they finally released the follow up in 2017 titled ‘A Deeper Understanding’ which delivers again absolutely perfectly. The beauty of The War on Drugs music is that even a brand new track from them sounds like it has been around for years and years, like a piece of the fabric of classic music. This album I know will live with me for a long time, just like their last, becoming one of the classic albums I listen to again and again throughout my life.

Ibibio Sound Machine

If you needed something funky to see you through 2017 then Ibibio Sound Machine were just what you needed and should have been listening to. Their wonderful music is fast-paced, rhythmical and absolutely guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Their singles got plenty of airplay on 6music last year and they also did from me. The album ‘Uyai’ may be their third but it seems to be their breakout album which is not surprising with so many great songs on there, all of which are sure to lift your spirits. If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, get on it!

To see what else I’ve been listening to in 2017, check out my 2017 playlist on Spotify:



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