Food Review: Bill’s, Sheffield

Bill’s is a chain of restaurants based in the UK featuring a range of food from burgers to pasta meals, crumbles to salads and everything inbetween. Focusing on hearty but delicious meals seems like the theme they are going for and it is certainly working for them with such a large amount of restaurants across the UK.

The Sheffield branch of Bill’s has been open for around a year now and I’ve looked over their menu many times when looking for places to eat but it’s only recently that I ventured there to check out the food for myself.

apple and raspberry crumble with ice cream

When I finally went to check it out, we went for a birthday meal and it didn’t disappoint for any of us. With so many options for the veggies, I felt a little spoilt for choice when it came to what I wanted to order.

I opted for the Halloumi Burger with falafel as an extra, the burger itself came with fries and a garlic lemon mayo. The burger came on a standard burger bun which was a nice change from the usual brioche which is served pretty much everywhere these days. There was plenty in the burger to make it filling and tasty but I am glad I opted to add falafel as the burger may have been lacking a little otherwise. The falafel was a great texture and flavour, the halloumi was perfectly cooked and the tomato houmous brought all the flavours together brilliantly. The mayo was a particular highlight as the flavours worked so well together and balanced everything else out perfectly.

close up of burger and fries

For dessert, I opted for the Apple and Blackberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream. As a crumble aficionado, I’ve had my fair share of crumbles, good, bad and everything in between and this was most definitely a good one. The crumble itself was buttery and almost oat-ey in taste while the spices with the apple and blackberries reduced the sharpness of the fruit and made for a more complimentary taste to the crumble topping itself. The ice cream, which I always find is a better accompaniment to crumble than custard, worked well to cool the crumble and its flavours whilst being smooth and full of flavour itself.

All in all, it was a great meal and for a very reasonable price plus the friendliness of the staff and the ease of paying made for a great dining experience. In terms of payment, if you download Bill’s app and link your card, you can show the staff your code and have the bill sent directly to your phone to pay via card or paypal. It’s particularly great for those in a hurry who need to quickly head off after their meal and it allows you to split the bill (if your companions also have the app of course).

For me, it was a great night and I know for a fact that I will be back to try some more of their delicious food. Their brunch/breakfast menu in particular looks absolutely amazing!

Bill’s can be found at 2 St. Paul’s Place, 127 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, S1 2JF. You can also follow them on Twitter – @BillsRestaurant


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