January 2018: Daniel Avery

One of my aims for this year was to find some new music every single month as a way to ensure that I got back to focusing on discovering new music. I thought it would also be nice to write a quick post every month with the artist I’m loving or have discovered that month, so here goes.

January 2018

Daniel Avery

Daniel Avery is not new to me but this latest EP from him is and I wanted to share it with you. Slow Fade is four tracks of ethereal and atmospheric tunes which showcases Avery’s talents perfectly as the minimal sound leaves little room for a bad note as you hear every single beat, chord and harmony.

The music is interesting yet relaxing providing the perfect soundtrack to your early morning commute on a cold, grey day by taking you away completely from the humdrum noise of the modern day city. The ambience Avery creates on these four tracks make them perfect listening material to calm the brain and allow you to focus or let it all go. This EP is truly brilliant in its delivery and gives music in 2018 a really brilliant start.

To find out more about Daniel Avery, check out his Soundcloud or follow him on Twitter – @danielmarkavery


Image from Pitchfork


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