March 2018: Baloji

One of my aims for this year was to find some new music every single month as a way to ensure that I got back to focusing on discovering new music. I thought it would also be nice to write a quick post every month with the artist I’m loving or have discovered that month, so here goes.

March 2018


Baloji is a Belgian rapper, MC and hip hop artist whose first single ‘Soleil de Volt‘, from upcoming album ‘137 Avenue Kaniama’. is utterly brilliant. Its catchy hooks and dance-along beats make you want to listen to this one on repeat and the wonderful French vocals tell a strong and impactful story throughout the entirety of the track.

Baloji did a live session a couple of days ago for Lauren Laverne on 6Music and it sounded just as good and energetic live as it does on record. The man himself comes across as charismatic and funny, full of good stories as well as those brilliant hip hop tracks with a Congolese edge.

This guy is one to keep an eye on and his live shows in particular seem like they will be absolutely packed full of energy.

To find out more about Baloji, you can follow him on Twitter – @BALOJI


Image from Rock Feedback


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