Album Review: Stems – Severance

Huddersfield three piece Stems came back onto the music scene with a bang earlier this year. After time away to progress and work on their sound, their latest album 'Severance' is a great next chapter for the band. I reviewed Stems 'Polemics' album a couple of years ago and was blown away by the beautiful soundscapes … Continue reading Album Review: Stems – Severance

Album Review: Stems – Polemics

StemsPolemicsFluttery RecordsRelease Date: 16th May 2014Stems are a 3 piece band from Huddersfield creating music that in their own words is ‘art rock embellished with strings, cinematic and full of sweeping darkness’. A bold statement to make about your music but something that after listening to the album I can confirm is very true.Echoing sounds … Continue reading Album Review: Stems – Polemics