music update #7

The most talked about thing in the world of music over the past week has been Paul McCartney performing with Nirvana. The news that was all over the internet and Twitter in general and had everyone talking. The Beatles bassist and solo artist who has built up a career in the music business that everyone else can only dream of joined the most famous name in the grunge music scene for the 12/12/12 gig that took place in New York last week. They played ‘Cut Me Some Slack’ from the forthcoming Sound City documentary by Dave Grohl. A lot of people were quite annoyed that Paul McCartney was joining Nirvana onstage and performing a song and I sort of see people’s point but was he really joining Nirvana. I mean if he was performing a Nirvana song with them then yeah he would be they performed a newly written song. There were rumours he was going to sing some Nirvana songs but they didn’t come true and from my point of view thank god they didn’t because I just don’t think that Nirvana would ever or could ever be the same without Kurt. I’ve not heard the song or seen the show but their song seems to have gone down well with most. What did you think of the song/performance?

Last week, I went to see The Black Keys and The Maccabees in Manchester. It was my final gig of the year and one that I had been looking forward to for a long time. I’ve loved The Maccabees for a long time but since the release of their 3rd album ‘Given To The Wild’ this year I’ve become even more obsessed with them. I missed them at Leeds Festival because they clashed with The Cure and I was genuinely so devastated that the two bands I really wanted to see clashed with each other. So it was my first time finally seeing a band I’d wanted to see in a long time and they were utterly amazing. As they were the only support band they played a long set featuring all the favourites ‘Love You Better’, ‘No Kind Words’ and ‘Feel To Follow’. The band dedicated ‘Can You Give It’ to the long time fans of the band and they played my favourite song ‘Forever I’ve Known’ which was a really emotional moment as that song means a lot to me. By the end of the set when the band played ‘Pelican’ they had all of the crowd on their side.

I’d seen The Black Keys before at Leeds Festival this year and they were brilliant. I must admit I was more excited about seeing The Maccabees but I will always see a band again that I’ve already seen before if they were brilliant the first time round and The Black Keys were. I only really know their latest album ‘El Camino’ and luckily the band played a lot of songs off of that record. For a two piece band with two touring members the band make a hell of a lot of amazing noise. In the middle of the show the band played a few songs with just the two of them onstage which showed just how good the pair are as musicians on their own. They played 20 songs throughout their set and a 2 song encore that saw two giant disco balls being used to reflect loads of tiny little lights around the venue which looked beautiful. Before the encore, they ended on ‘Lonely Boy’ which received an epic reaction from all in attendance tonight with plenty of dancing and singing along to arguably one of the year’s biggest songs.

As I saw The Maccabees last week and as is the norm with seeing a band live it makes me listen to them even more than I currently am. I’ve spent a lot of this year listening to ‘Given To The Wild’ with it being such a brilliant album but I thought it was time I revisited their old stuff again. I’ve not really listened to their older albums since my European travels when I listened to them a lot on my train journeys and they were beautiful soundtracks to those landscapes.

Track of the week: First Love by The Maccabees.


Paul McCartney and Nirvana picture.

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