tracks of the week #9

Kids in Glass Houses – Drive

One of my favourite bands is back with brand new song ‘Drive’ after 2 years away writing and recording new music. The band have always had so much talent, brilliant songs and are insanely good live but annoyingly have never fully broken into the mainstream but this could quite easily be the song that does just that for them. It’s huge, sing along, riffs a plenty and catchy as hell something the Welsh quintet have always been good at. Listen, dance along and repeat.

Azari & III ft. Tensnake – Reckless With Your Love

‘Reckless With Your Love’ by Azari & III is a completely brilliant dance track and one of my all time favourites and as I mentioned last week Tensnake is one of my favourite music makers/producers so him remixing one of their tracks was always going to be a match that was going to create something truly special and they did.

Thumpers – Unkinder [Jack Savidge Remix]

Savidge may be more well known for being the drummer in Friendly Fires but over the past few years he has built up a good reputation as a DJ too. Here he takes the absolutely brilliant ‘Unkinder’ by Thumpers and makes it even more danceable, with futuristic synth sounds and adding electronic drum beats to the strong drums from the original creating a solid and steady beat lying underneath the whole track. It’s a really good remix and one you should all be adding to your playlists now.

Hello Lazarus – Stallions

A really immediate start that grabs your attention right from the beginning, the pace may be taken down slightly after the first 30 seconds but that doesn’t mean you lose interest in the song quite the opposite actually. With some catchy guitar melodies and a really good chorus, the Bristol trio have created a great track in ‘Stallions’. The video was released last night and the track comes from the band’s latest EP ‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter’ which is available now from iTunes and on limited edition CD from their webstore.


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