tracks of the week #31

This week is a special edition tracks of the week as for me personally it has been a pretty big and exciting week. Yes, I’m talking about the announcement of McBusted and how this has infinitely improved my life, it’s basically like Christmas has come early for me. So as it was announced this week that two of my absolute favourites are joining forces to create the world’s greatest supergroup, I thought it was only fair they got a huge look in [see takeover] on my blog. First of all Busted are back together [minus Charlie] which is just epic but then to join forces with McFly is my 12 year old self’s dream, but let’s not try and be cool about this my 22 year old self is fangirling epically too and if you follow me on Twitter you will be well aware of that. So without further adue welcome to my iPod circa 2001/2002:

Busted – Who’s David

This is my absolute favourite Busted song and I’m not sure exactly how this tour is going to work however if they play this song I will cry a hell of a lot.

McFly – That Girl

And this is my absolute favourite McFly track which is difficult to pick when there are so many good ones but I’ve loved this song so much since it came out and it was the track I played to death from their first album which I also had on repeat so much I’m surprised I didn’t wear the CD out. Plus, the video is one of my favourites, some classic McFly lol’s.

Busted – Dawson’s Geek

The thing with Busted is, their albums are really bloody good and for that reason it was so difficult to choose just 2 songs for this blog, it was not just a choice of singles but album tracks too. This one in particular is one of my favourites and I’m sure I’m not the only one who really hated someone at some point in their life and has sang along to this song with some real passion pretending they were singing it to them. No, just me? Fair enough.

McFly – Love Is Easy

I love this song and this video, it’s catchy as hell and just such a happy sounding song. It’s McFly back to their best in my opinion and it makes even more excited for the next album from them.

McBusted – Year 3000/Air Hostess [Live At Royal Albert Hall]

And finally to whet everyone’s appetite for the tour of 2014 [I’ve awarded this category already because let’s face it, this will be the tour of 2014] is a recording from when McBusted first played a show together at McFly’s shows at Royal Albert Hall in London back in September. If this doesn’t get you excited then nothing will and if you are going to see McBusted, I will see you there. I’ll be the girl crying over Matt Willis.


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