tracks of the week #32

This week, two wonderful new tracks to share with you from one of my favourite acts from last year and a recent discovery before 3 tracks from some of the biggest artists of the year. One only just broke through but all over the airwaves, one a huge international artist and the final one a band who have become one of the most sought after bunch of guys around. Enjoy!

DZ Deathrays – Northern Lights

The latest track from this Aussie duo is a much more subdued affair than their last album’s worth of heavy, punk influenced scuzzy riffs. There is still that punk edge and it’s still raw in certain places though especially the spiky guitar of the choruses but it is a lot calmer throughout. There is a great ambience to the track and the focus is much more on the vocals which are sung rather than screamed/shouted. It’s like the band have grown up musicially and personally, if the last album was raw brillance then this is a more refined wonder.

Javeon – Lovesong

With soulful vocals and a great beat in every single track, Javeon is reinventing pop music for 2013 with a mix of garage, R’n’B and house thrown in too. That is the way he describes his music in his new music interview with Clash in their latest issue, the pop issue. What Clash set out to do with that issue was to prove that pop is and shouldn’t be a dirty word and when they are featuring new artists like this with their brilliant and very credible take on the sometimes misunderstood/well banded about genre then I think they have definitely succeeded in that. If you like your pop music a) honest and tenable, b) with some serious rhythm and influenced by the likes of Usher and c) just bloody good then check out Javeon.

Lorde – Royal

Things I’m really good at doing, avoiding hype because in my experience hype usually ruins a good band or it raises your expectations so high that when you do listen to the artist you think they aren’t as good as everyone is making out even though they may be really good. Anyway, with Lorde she’s starting to take over the radio and magazines lately after the release of this track and having only recently started to listen to this song I can see why everyone is going on about her. She is brilliant, this song is really good, it’s different but still essentially has that pop edge that appeals to pretty much everyone. The hype in this case is more than deserved and I do wish I’d listened to it and her music sooner.

Lady Gaga – Applause

As a casual Gaga fan, i.e. I listen to the singles but I’ve never really delved any deeper into her back catalogue, there are moments where she produces good stuff and some I’m not as big as a fan of. This single I do really like but for me it was a grower and when I first heard it I wasn’t as bothered about it as something like ‘Poker Face’ or ‘Love Games’. But now I appreciate the more grown up sound, the progression in her music. She is a true artist something quite rare in the music industry these days and I fully respect her for it, I do think she is amazing especially creatively. Maybe it’s time I listened to some more of her stuff other than her singles to really appreciate exactly what she is doing.

The 1975 – Girls

After years playing music, The 1975 broke out into the music scene big time this year and it is understandable why with their catchy rhythms, brilliant pop songs with an indie edge, the 80’s influence that clearly runs throughout and the experience they have playing is clearly a massive help. It may be nearing winter but this song will bring some music needed sunshine into your life with its summery feel and infectious melodies, another really brilliant single from the four piece.


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