tracks of the week #45

This week’s tracks is a little bit different I’ve decided to do a little Kids In Glass Houses special.

After the news recently that they band are set to split up after their farewell UK tour in October I thought it was only right that I shared with you guys my favourite tracks from each of their albums.

I’m still a little in shock from the news and I’m quite upset about it too as I have loved the band since before their debut ‘Smart Casual’ came out. I’ve seen them around 9 times so far and their final tour will be my 10th and last time [sob!] and every single time I have seen them they have been absolutely amazing! They are brilliant recorded on album and I do love every one of their albums but I always felt like they were better live as they are just so good and they always bring so much energy and enthusiasm to each performance. I’ve met the band, all of them and just the odd member, on quite a few occasions and every time I met them they were always so lovely, another thing I loved about the band. I have a lot of memories from them, I have a KIGH inspired tattoo and because of them I found out about so many other good bands, whether it was because they supported them or they spoke about them in an interview etc. I will miss Kids In Glass Houses a lot but at least I get to see them one last time and I still have the four brilliant albums.

Here is my playlist of some of my favourite tracks from the band from their four albums:

My absolute favourites will always be ‘Dance All Night’, ‘Lovely Bones’ and ‘Teenage Wonderland’ and I really really hope that all 3 or at least one of these is played when I see them in Sheffield in October.

If you are planning on going to that show, I’ll see you there where we can all mourn our loss of the band together.


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