tracks of the week #91

Daft Punk – One More Time

Who doesn’t love this song? It’s a standout of 90’s dance music and rightly so with it’s repetitive lyrics and great rhythm and beats. Daft Punk as we all know are an act that have stood the test of time with them being still as popular now as they were when they started with their constant reinvention and earworm melodies. Ignoring everything else this is a great song to get you ready for your weekend too.

Gorillaz – 19/2000

Recently I’ve had a realisation about just how good Gorillaz were, it’s a multitude of things really but sometimes you really do not appreciate a band/artist until years after they have stopped producing music. As much as I loved Gorillaz as a teenager I never really looked much further into than liking the songs. There really was a lot of great influences though on music, culture, art and film, pushing the boundaries it could be argued is what this act did. So here is to finally appreciating the genius of Gorillaz with one of my favourite songs of their’s.


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