Live Review: The War On Drugs

The War On Drugs
O2 Academy, Sheffield
9th July 2015

After the release of ‘Lost In A Dream’ the stunning and critically acclaimed album last year, this American indie rock band have been riding the wave of well deserved success ever since. With constant touring, festival slots all over the world and increased exposure to more and more people, it seems that The War on Drugs are one of the best bands on the block right now.

Surprisingly, this show wasn’t a sell out but the room was still packed out full of fans of all ages anticipating a great show and they were definitely not disappointed on that front. Entering onto the stage with ‘Burning’ taken from their most recent release and instantly you could see that the crowd were having a brilliant time, losing themselves completely within the dreamy, winding tracks that the band have become so synonymous with over the years.

As the show went on, the enthusiasm from the crowd only heightened with plenty of dancing bodies and clapping hands filling the floor from left to right, front to back. Though it was tracks such as ‘An Ocean Between The Waves’ and ‘Red Eyes’ that really captured the attention of everyone. The beautiful and serene sounds with their dreamlike atmosphere took the audience into a divine trance-like state where they were stuck within the music, lost there in that wonderful world for the entirety of each track.

Their songs are the perfect mix of joyous and uplifting meets bereft and almost cheerless. I’m not sure how it works and I’m not sure anyone else does either but it makes for some gorgeous and awe-inspiring tracks. As the night came to an end, teenagers and 60-something’s alike all applauded, cheered and wooped in adoration and thanks for such a wonderful set packed full of great musicianship from the guitar riffs to the horn section. If you see only one band this year, make sure that it is The War on Drugs, you will not be disappointed with the brilliant show this impressive band put on for you.


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