Interview: Recruits

Meet Recruits, an alt-rock quintet from Scunthorpe that have worked hard over the last few years to build up a good fan base and are now at the point where they have released their debut EP ‘We Are Recruits’. It is clearly the pinnacle of all their hard work to date and will surely be the stepping stone to bigger and better things from the band. The well put together body of very good tracks is a very good starting point to them building their backcatalogue, which if this is anything to go by will be a good one.

I recently caught up with the band to talk about the EP, their writing process and their plans for the rest of the year.

Hey guys, firstly, can you introduce to yourself and tell us more about the music you play?

Steve Dean Smith on vocals, Ben Yarrow on lead guitar, Eddie Vessay on rhythm guitar, Steve Heather on Bass and Jonno Smith on Drums. We’re a group of guys from North East Lincolnshire. Our music is a mixture of punchy rhythm with melodic lead lines and strong vocals. We’ve been described as alt-rock.

You have recently released your debut EP ‘We Are Recruits’ how has the reaction been to it?

It hasnt been pushed as hard as we’d have liked, we did it DIY as we lacked direction. The people who have heard it have enjoyed it though! It’s our way of letting people know we’re here in the industry. Our EP is still being pushed so only more people will hear it.

How did you find writing and recording your first EP?

It was an awesome experience that has helped us no end to find ourselves in many senses. It was an exciting process for us, the music was already developed and recording just allowed us to add the finishing touches.

Where would you say you get your ideas from for the music and lyrics of your tracks?

Our lyrics are based on concepts, life experiences and emotions that Steve has been through. When it comes to the instruments we try and work specifically on getting a feeling that matches the emotion of Steve’s lyrics.

You have recently been on tour to support the EP, how was it? And what is your favourite part about being on tour?

We’re just off it. We were buzzed about going to so many different places and playing our music to new people, who havent had the chance to see us live.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2015?

We’ve got a few gigs but we’re concentrating on developing our sound and our next EP. We’ve recently signed with DMF, so they will also help push us to a wider fan base and a bigger audience.

Check out the track ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ below:

To find out more about Recruits visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @wearerecruits


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