Food Review: Giraffe, Meadowhall

A couple of weeks ago, me and my boyfriend headed to Meadowhall I went predominently to browse and he went to buy, yet I was the one that left with a bag full of stuff and a purse significantly lighter. Anyway, before heading off we went to get some food and after much deliberation settled on Giraffe. I’ve been here two times before and both times they have been great, awesome food and good service. And yet again they didn’t let me down this time.

After taking our seats, we looked over the drinks menu before settling on a smoothie each. I opted for the Green Canyon which includes curly kale, banana, spinach and apple juice and was the perfect green and healthy drink, just what I needed and tasted brilliant. My boyfriend went for the Giddy Giraffe [which was a name he refused to say when ordering as it isn’t the best really] and that contained papaya, fresh mint, banana, orange and lime juice. This one sounds very refreshing but I was told it was a little heavy on the mint so be aware if you order one yourself.

 photo IMG_5857_zpshrz5egf6.jpg  photo IMG_5858_zps4ova4iyw.jpg

We opted for starters and a main and honestly I think it was a pretty awesome idea as I ended up picking a starter and main that complimented each other really well for once. With so much choice on the menu for veggies, and plenty of vegan and gluten free options too, it is a haven for someone like me who just wants some decent veggie grub that isn’t all laced with heaps and heaps of cheese. However, ironically I did opt for cheese for my starter, I went for the Halloumi Skewers because as we all know I can not pass up a Halloumi opportunity. The skewers were fried well though I would have preferred my cheese a little crispier but the huge size of the skewers made for a perfect portion size. The courgette, pea and mint salad with basil and parsley oil was beautiful and refreshing. I’m not a massive fan of mint or courgette but with such small fine pieces and a light hand with the mint it made for a great accompanying salad.

 photo IMG_5859_zps8hob3rsj.jpg  photo IMG_5862_zpszztnqfzs.jpg

When it came to the mains, again I had so much choice that it took me a while to decide which option I wanted to most and I went for what I now think was the best option of the lot, the bun-less falafel burger. The 5 just right sized pieces of falafel were clearly homemade and spiced to perfection, the falafel itself wasn’t dry either which can be a big problem with restaurant falafel I’ve found. This was accompanied with Red Pepper and Harissa Houmous which was just the right amount of spice for me and the nicest Tzatziki I’ve ever had and from a Tzatziki hater that is a massive compliment. A quinoa salad with beetroot, edamame, herbs and an elderflower dressing was the perfect accompaniment to the falafel. Refreshing, packed with flavour and fresh ingredients and quite frankly my perfect salad. Avocado and a slice to tomato made up the rest of the plate, completing what I’ve now named my plate full of favourites.

 photo IMG_5863_zpsycqmh0mx.jpg

I ordered some Sweet Potato Fries on the side too which were absolutely lovely. You can’t go wrong with Sweet Potato Fries in my opinion as they are just so good and these were served with aioli mayo which given its creaminess and slight spicy kick worked so well with the sweetness of the fries. The side portion is pretty big though and I did end up giving a few away as I would never have finished them all but I gave it a good go let me tell you.

For around £20 I managed to get a smoothie, starter, main and side which I think is absolutely brilliant value for money. With the healthier options on the menu as well, I left full but not feeling sick or stodgey, just full of absolute goodness. With so many options for me as a veggie, so much good and healthy food, very reasonable prices and great service, I know for a fact that I will be back to Giraffe and the sooner the better in my opinion.

To find out more about Giraffe visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @giraffetweet


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