EP Review: Vexxes – Common Ground

Vexxes ArtworkVexxes

Common Ground

Release Date: 6th May 2016

Leeds trio Vexxes debut EP ‘Common Ground’ is a collection of all their work to date showcasing their penchant for creating a bit of an anthem with tight riffs, plenty of rhythm and bringing those great vocal melodies to the fore. The band who have chosen not to take the safe route of music are doing their very best to avoid getting stuck in the daily grind. With a huge and apparent love of playing live, be sure to catch these guys soon anywhere from concert halls to squats, a European youth hostel or some of the largest venues we have.

Opening track ‘Lead Us Home’ starts off with deep sounds coming from plucked bass strings which build and build until the chaos truly unfolds. The thrash of the drums, the crash of the cymbals, the chug of guitars all form the basis of this attention demanding song. Vocally, the rise and fall of the harmonies adds calm and softness to the frantic nature and harsh sounds which are so prominent in this alt-rock number.

Echoing guitar chords reverberate around your ears in the opening seconds of ‘Convictions’ before pounding drums make their entrance. Those drums are accompanied by the clatter of cymbals and fast, urgent riffs creating a vaguely uneasy nature. The vocals on this one are much more flat and monotone, nearly getting lost in the noise on a few occasions, making for a less than impressive outing. Otherwise it is a good track with huge moments, plenty of noise and some great build up’s from both the high and low of the musical spectrum.  

Big, beefy riffs and thrashing drum beats open up single ‘Everything I’ve Ever Known’ giving great rhythm and an abundance of noise from the off. Calming down considerably for verses where steady drums, flowing guitars and grounding bass lines all sit quietly behind vocals that harmonise their way around this one brilliantly. Quick, catchy and with a great chorus, it’s clear to see why this one was picked to be a single.

We finish up with ‘Enemies’ and it’s wall of noise that greets us through commanding percussion, turbulent guitars and clashing cymbal hits. A quick, repetitive riff compliments the vocals of the verses very well building up into melodic yet tempo driven choruses which are bound to create plenty of energy in their live sets. Exasperated lyrics are portrayed through slightly fatigued vocals as the track draws into its final minute making it time for vocal rounds, uptempo music and a danceable chorus to come in and finish of this track promptly and sharply.

Check out the video for the single ‘Everything I’ve Ever Known’ taken from the EP below:

To find out more about Vexxes visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @VexxesOfficial


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