Five Goals For The Rest of 2018

Who knew that owning a house and having a full time job would take up so much of my time to the point that I’ve found it super difficult to make time for blogging? I certainly didn’t and I must admit I did go into this whole homeowner/full time worker thing quite naively thinking that I would be able to do absolutely everything with still only 24 hours in the day!

I’ve not blogged much this year and honestly I miss it! I spend each and every day writing, it’s my job to write and though I love my job (yes, I finally have found a job where I’m truly happy) after a whole day of writing, it can be difficult to muster of the energy and mental thought to string any form of coherent sentence together, written or spoken as my other half would attest to.

But I’m trying to get myself back on the blogging bandwagon, I have some posts in my drafts folder that I plan to work on over the coming weeks and I plan to make more time for myself to let those ideas finally leave my brain and end up on my small space on the internet. 

beach huts at wells next the sea

Somehow 2018 is edging towards its final third (!) and though I’ve achieved a lot, I want to make the most of the coming months. So here’s five things I plan to do with the remaining four and a half months of 2018.

  1. Keep learning and working hard – The last ten months have been a huge learning experience in my career. Since joining the company where I’m at now I’ve been able to learn new skills, find my voice and test out ideas as well as work on a number of projects and across a number of areas that I’d never had the chance to pursue before. I do want to push myself in my career and my understanding of writing and marketing so for the next four months, and beyond, I want to prove to myself more than anyone that I am good at what I do but also that I should always make the effort to learn where I can.
  2. Learn to relax – As someone that has to be permantently busy, I do find it difficult to relax. Earlier this year, I tried meditation which worked quite well but I soon stopped making time for it when other things started to take priority over my time. I want to make more time for that again but also I’m looking forward to September when I’ll be heading to Wells for the week. I love how calm and peaceful it is there and the opportunity to spend time walking and reading and getting away from daily life is truly wonderful! 
  3. Yoga and exercise – Following on from making time for me and relaxing, I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort recently to get back to the gym and make time for yoga. I want to make the time to practice yoga regularly so I’m going to be starting the 30 days yoga with Adriene YouTube series soon – I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who’s not done this with the amount of hype about it online! Exercise is super important for me, not just because I want to lose some weight but also because it gives me time to switch off and just focus on myself which is a luxury I rarely allo myself to have.
  4. Finish the main bedroom – This room was painted and had all the new furniture brought in at the end of last year, I’ve since had my wardrobe fitted but it’s still not finished. It’s only small things to sort but I really want to get this room finished now so we can move onto bigger jobs such as the attic room, the bathroom and the hallway.
  5. Complete my 2018 reading challenge – I set myself the challenge of reading 12 books this year, I’ve already read 10 and I’m nearly halfway through my 11th. I know I’ll pass it but now I want to see how many books I can read before the end of the year, not only a challenge but the opportunity to ensure I make time for myself to read.

I have a lot I want to focus on before this year is out and above is just a small taste of that. Obviously, another areas I want to focus on is this blog and as I mentioned above, I’m going to be making a much bigger effort to make more time which is dedicated solely to writing. But until next time, what are your 5 goals or areas of focus for the rest of 2018? 


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